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What are Premium Varifocals ?

Premium Varifocals are a special type of lens that help you view different distances more clearly.  The lens allows you to see through 3 different zones which can be for close, intermediate and distance.  This is achieved by creating a lens which provides a gradual change of focal power from the top of the lens to the bottom of the lens.

The upper part of the lens is used for distance viewing and the lower part of the lens is for near viewing.  In between these two areas is the intermediate section of the lens also known as the the ‘corridor’ which is used for mid range viewing.

What are the Benefits of Varifocals ?

As varifocals have a progressive change in strength from top to bottom of the lens which allows you to see all distances through numerous focal points just by using one lens rather than having two prescriptions, one for reading and the other for distance.  The advantage of this it saves the user from carrying and alternating between two separate glasses for different vision needs.

Why use our Premium Varifocals ?

Premium varifocals are customised to fit in the frames you have purchased.  They offer a better experience in depth of vision at all points in relation to clarity and vision.

Premium varifocals offer a wider field of vision at distance, intermediate and reading with a gradual transition between focal ranges, this results in less peripheral distortion which are more easier to adapt to than standard varifocals.

What Types of Premium Varifocals do we Offer?

Currently we have two offerings, premium varifocals and now an elite premium varifocal designed by virtual reality (VR) technology that is more suited to the individual that would like a bespoke and personalised solution.

Ultra Personalised VR Crafted Premium Varifocals – OUR BEST OFFERING YET

We are proud to be one of the first opticians in the UK to step into a new era of personalised varifocal lenses with the Kudos Virtual Reality (VR) headset, a revolutionary piece of technology that will elevate the creation of bespoke varifocal lenses to unprecedented levels of customisation and precision.

The VR headset will allow patients a more personalised experience in creating a bespoke varifocal lens that is tailor made for you and your eyes.

kudos vr headset used to make premium varifocals.

The kudos headset uses VR technology to track a patients gaze dynamics.  The technology captures the exact way a patient looks at objects and the world around them.  The technology analyses all points and directions of gaze capturing near, intermediate and distance focal lengths to create your bespoke varifocal lens.

How it Works:  Crafting your Bespoke Premium Varifocal Lens

1.  Immersive Virtual Reality Experience:  With the Kudos VR headset a patient embarks on a 3 minute virtual journey.

2.  Capturing Gaze Dynamics:  Using cutting edge VR technology, the headset precisely tracks the patients gaze dynamics capturing all points and directions.

3.  Analysing Gaze Data:  This data is meticulously analysed to create detailed heatmaps that cover the patients near, intermediate and distance visual ranges with high accuracy.

4.  Customised Lens Creation:  Based on the insights from the gaze dynamics data, a unique 19 digit code is generated which is sent to the Jai Kudo Lenses lab to create a bespoke premium varifocal lens.


Kudos headset
Kudos analyses your heat map
Kudos creates your bespoke lens

Benefits of Bespoke Premium Varifocal Lenses

1.  Optimised Visual Clarity:  Experience wider natural vision with minimal peripheral distortion allowing for effortless focus across all distances.

2.  Seamless Adaptation:  Transition seamlessly between near, intermediate and distance vision enjoying ease of use in every scenario.

3.  Tailored Comfort:  Enjoy enhanced comfort and reduced eye strain thanks to lenses crafted specifically for your unique visual profile.

Discover the unparalled precision and comfort of bespoke premium varifocal lenses crafted with the Kudos VR headset.  Step into our opticians practice and embark on a journey towards clearer and more personalised vision today.

The image below shows what an ultra personalised VR enhanced premium varifocal looks like with minimal peripheral distortion.  The lens will have a wider corridor providing a greater clear zone for all distances.  This is our best offering yet.

Ultra Personalised VR enhanced Premium Varifocals

Premium Varifocals for Crystal Clear Vision

Experience visual clarity with our premium varifocal lenses also known as ‘free form’ varifocal lenses.  These free form varifocal lenses represent a significant leap forward from standard varifocals providing greater and wider field of vision at distance, intermediate and reading.  Premium varifocals offer advantages for every aspect of your daily life compared to standard varifocals but even these have now been superceded by our latest ultra personalised VR enhanced premium varifocals.

Below are images of our premium varifocal lens compared to our standard varifocal lens.

Premium Varifocal lenses
Standard Varifocal Lenses

Advantages of Premium Varifocals

1.  Versatile Frame Compatibility:  Our Premium Varifocals are designed to fit a wider range of frames, ensuring that you can choose the style that suits you best without compromising on vision quality.

2.  Enhanced Visual Performance:  Say goodbye to squinting and straining.  With a larger field of vision for distance viewing, intermediate tasks like working on computers and dedicated reading zones.  These lenses provide clarity across all points.

3.  Effortless Adaptation:  Transition seamlessly between near, intermediate and distances with our premium varifocals.  The lenses have wider corridors and minimal peripheral distortion.  These lenses offer a smooth and natural viewing experience making adaptation simple and quick.

4.  Visual Clarity:  Experience the world in stunning detail with premium varifocals.   Enjoy reduced distortion and enhanced visual aesthetics, ensuring that your lenses not only perform impeccably but also look great.

Our premium varifocals incorporate state of the art technology to deliver unmatched performance when it comes to your vision.  Utilising advanced manufacturing techniques and precision engineering, these lenses are crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.  We only use reputable manufacturers for our varifocals like Jai Kudo, Hoya, Essilor and Carl Zeiss.

Upgrade to premium varifocals today and elevate your visual experience to new heights.  Discover sharper, clearer vision across all distances, enhanced comfort and unmatched style – all in one revolutionary lens.

Don’t settle for anything less than perfection.  Choose premium varifocals for a truly transformative eyewear experience.

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