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Eye Examination at our Upton upon Severn Opticians.


Looking after your eyes is as important as looking after any other part of your body.  It is recommended that you have an eye examination once every 2 years to maintain your vision but also to monitor the health of your eyes for other disorders.

Our experienced opticians provide quality eyecare using the latest technology so the patient is satisfied with our findings and recommendations.

What should I expect during the Eye Examination?

The whole eye examination process last approximately 40 minutes where we conduct a series of test.  The stages of an eye examination are :

  1.   To begin the eye test the patient is asked what problems/symptoms they are having and asked about general health, medication and lifestyle.  The patient will also be asked about eye problems in the past and family history of health problems.

2.   Distance vision is then measured using Snellen Chart.  This is the chart you see with various letters of the alphabet at different sizes.

The power of the corrective spectacles lenses required is determined.  This process is called ‘refraction’. What the patient sees with these lenses is called the distance Visual Acuity.  Extra lenses are then added to improve the reading/close vision if necessary and the near visual acuity is measured.  In this stage we also check that the eyes are working together correctly (binocular vision tests).

3.  The next stage is checking the health of eyes.  This process is called opthalmoscopy and may involve the use of an opthalmoscope or slit lamp.  Often common health conditions like diabetes and raised blood pressure can be detected this way.

4.  The final stage may involve extra tests which include measuring the pressure in the eye itself  (intraocular pressure) or checking the peripheral vision (visual field tests).

After the above, the various types of lenses will be discussed to correct the vision e.g reading glasses, distance glasses, bifocals, varifocals or contact lenses.  Some patients require Low vision Aids like illuminated magnifiers to help their vision.

If any health problems are found the patient will be referred to the relevant medical specialist.


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Eye Examination

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